We are in pursuit of Excellence

Who We Are

We are a passionate, professional and expert team who strive to enable our clients’ growth, innovation, and competitiveness. We help you plan, ideate, innovate and realize your software needs with the help of our technology experts from different knowledge domains - offering you absolute benefits through our expert team.

Software is a strategic growth enabler for any business. Yet, having a trusted software partner is essential for optimum outcomes. Limark’s leadership has an excellent track record of driving technology innovation for the Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley start-ups since the late 1990s. Our expert pool of software architects, engineers and data scientists give the complete assurance of the right software solution.

Limark curated “CTO-office-as-a-service” to significantly reduce overheads to our clients while delivering world-class products and services in a timely manner.

We know the pitfalls of software engineering and we proactively address the associated risks. An NPS score of over 95% is a testimony for that.

What We Do

With our excellent software consulting and development solutions we serve clients in every industry, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We meet the business needs of the clients and help them get the best results.

Our Ideology

We value our core principles which are honesty, integrity, professionalism and Responsibility. We rely on a culture that focuses on innovation, teamwork and an open door policy. We believe in our strengths which include technical expertise, ensuring customer delight and a lean approach to project delivery which leaves a mark of excellence with each and every project we deliver.